"Glenn Camhi is a brilliant filmmaker and he makes incredible beautiful and funny films." ~Action On Film Int'l. Film Festival



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Danny and Luther are a pair of blundering, low-rent hit men who go after the wrong mark, an alluring flamenco dancer who overcomes them with a pair of maracas. Danny falls for her instantly, while Luther just wants to finish their job before they're killed -- if he doesn't kill Danny first.

Love can do funny things to people. It can even make the fool the hero. More or less.



THE BUNGLERS is a short (29 minute) comedy written and directed by Glenn Camhi, starring Stephen Kearin (KUNG FU PANDA, MARS NEEDS MOMS, MEGAMIND, co-creator/performer of "The Sims" language), Tyler McClain, Floyd VanBuskirk (CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, RENO 911!, A MIGHTY WIND) and Brian Lohmann (HE WAS A QUIET MAN, AMERICAN BODY SHOP, THANKS), with Sala Baker (THE LORD OF THE RINGS). Produced by Kyle Fischer (THULE) and Camhi, with consulting producer Sara "Samm" Barnes (JEREMIAH, BABYLON 5: THE LOST TALES).

It was shot in just 6 days on location in Los Angeles and Altadena, CA by Stephan Dalyai (NUMB3RS, HAWAII FIVE-0, CSI: NY, PROVIDENCE).  More info on other pages.

USA,  29 min,  Color,  5.1 Surround,  HD 16x9 (1.85:1 Letterbox),  Shot with ARRI Alexa



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