This was the visual plan for the film:

For Danny & Luther’s world:   Wide lenses, deep focus, mostly static camera.   Framing and composition can be quite graphic.   Not much cutting in these scenes.   Their scenes should not feel dynamic.   All of this will accentuate the fact that Danny & Luther feel stuck in their situation.   They don't stand out; they're small figures in the middle of their gritty, stagnant world.   When they move, the world (camera) generally doesn’t move with them.   Their world has them in its control, more than the reverse.

In contrast, for Isabella’s world:   Tighter lenses, shallower depth of field, more fluid camera.   More dynamic and stylized, with more artful framing and use of shadow.   Also, shorter shots / more cutting in these scenes.   This will accentuate not only the more sensuous, romantic aspects of her world, but also the fact that she’s largely in control of it.   She stands out from and dominates her surroundings.

Another tidbit:   While staging and shooting, we developed a motif of characters being framed by two other characters in the foreground. There are 8 of these shots, pitting the framed figures in the less powerful or informed position.   (I won't include them all here, but the sharp-eyed can catch them.)

Director of Photography: Stephan Dalyai
Camera operator: Jim Jost