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From the pre-production notes:
  “Overall, everything should accentuate the contrast between Danny & Luther’s world, and Isabella's world. The former is simple, cold, gritty and stagnant, while the latter is mysterious, warm, sensual, romantic, dynamic and more stylized. None of these stylistic differences should be so overt that the audience would really notice them and be distracted. Just enough to evoke different feels and moods.”


1. Danny & Luther’s “world” should be cool -- primarily blues and greens. Minimal contrast or shadow. Naturalistic lighting. The only real warmth should come from Danny’s red hair. (He’s meant for Isabella, after all.)

2. Isabella’s “world,” in contrast, should be warm and more saturated -- heavy on reds and oranges, some yellows, plus black. Strong shadows and areas of darkness, for she is mysterious. Lighting will be more stylized. Still somewhat naturalistic, just heightened.

3. Joe Danzer walks between both worlds, so at first we’ll see him in cool blues, when his focus is primarily on Danny & Luther. But later he’ll wear warmer colors, as his focus is, ultimately, entirely on Isabella.

4. When Danny & Isabella are in the cooler, they haven’t come together yet, so production design should continue to accentuate that they’re from separate worlds. Cooler-colored items will be on Danny’s side, warmer-colored items on Isabella’s. Between them, neutral gray.

5. The final scene in Danny’s apartment should be subdued earth tones. It’s warmish now that she’s come into his world, but it’s not her usual saturated reds and oranges because it’s his place. HOWEVER: we'll see cool light outside the window, where Luther will be.