Design of The Bunglers

Director's Notes

I wanted to tell this twisty tale as much through visuals, color palette and music as through dialogue, in a style that serves the story without calling too much attention to itself.

From a filmmaking perspective, I thought these few pages might be interesting to share.

The links below are meant to be viewed after you've seen the movie, or the story & characters will be ruined for you.



I've always loved how animated films typically start with a "color script" that breaks the entire story down solely through color, and found that a good way to develop this film.  Every department worked in concert to bring the color plan to fruition.  It's meant to work on an intuitive, subconscious level rather than being overt.  But click above to see exactly what we did.



As with color, we chose lenses and designed the shots differently for the different characters.  Click above for an illustration.



To accentuate the mysterious nature of Isabella's character, we designed the staging and lighting such that every time she enters a scene, her face is initially obscured.  This way, she always appears unknowable, and is then revealed.  Here's a look.  Click above.



Two interesting things are going on with the music through most of the film.  As with color, the two worlds of the main chartacters are represented by different styles of music.  Also, we designed the music in some scenes to fluidly shift between being source music (i.e., playing in the location) and more overt score.  This was done to accentuate the romance plot, and was a fun challenge to pull off.  Click above for details.